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Rohit Sharma had decided that he would buy this car; at that time, his status was nothing.


New Delhi.Indian team captain Rohit Sharma’s childhood coach, Dinesh Jawahar Lad, recently revealed a story about the hitman that people did not know about.

Dinesh Lad said that Rohit Sharma has had a lot of self-confidence since childhood. After being selected for the Under-19 team for the first time, Rohit wanted to buy a Mercedes, and he had also promised me to buy it one day. Let us know what his childhood coach, Dinesh, said about Rohit.

Rohit Sharma’s childhood coach told an unheard story related to the hitman.

It is said that if a person has the passion to achieve something, then one day he will definitely achieve it. The same thing happened in the life of Indian team captain Rohit Sharma, too. Rohit Sharma also achieved success in his career after a lot of struggles.

Meanwhile, his childhood coach, Dinesh Lad, said in a conversation with SRG Sports that Rohit (Rohit Sharma) knew that he could reach that position. Dinesh told me that one day we were standing at a place where a Mercedes car was parked. At that time, Rohit was selected for the Mumbai team for Under 19. During that time, he started telling me that I would buy this car. Where do you think I am? But he said very confidently that he would only say this, and today he has very big cars because his confidence was very high.

This story shows that if any person has self-confidence, he can achieve any position in his life, and Rohit’s life also changed with this confidence.

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