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Rohit Sharma likes the idea of ​​early introduction of day-night games during WC 2023 – SBB Times


Indian skipper, Rohit Sharma said that he liked the idea of ​​starting day-night games in the Cricket World Cup 2023 earlier than usual, to reduce the effect of dew and tilt the balance in favor of the chasing team. Can go , However, the skipper admitted that it is the broadcasters who decide the timing of the matches. Speaking to the press, Rohit Sharma said that on the eve of the ODI series against New Zealand in Hyderabad, he spoke to R Ashwin about his suggestion of an early start to the World Cup games.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

The World Cup 2023, which will be played in October-November, could see a lot of dew in the stadiums, especially in the latter half of the day-night games. Day-night play in India begins at 1:30 pm and matches go on well into prime time viewing hours. In fact, till a few years ago, day-night ODI matches in India were running at 2:30 pm IST.

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As quoted by India Today, Rohit Sharma said, “I mean, it’s a good idea because you don’t want to… you don’t want to compromise too much on the toss factor, it’s the World Cup. Don’t want to give way away. I like the idea of ​​an early start. But I don’t know if it is possible. The broadcasters will decide what time the game should start (laughs).

R Ashwin
Rohit Sharma and R Ashwin

He further added, “But, ideally, you don’t want those kind of advantages in the game. You want good cricket to be played without taking advantage of batting in the lights with dew. Those are things that are not in your control.” But I like the idea of ​​starting early.

As pointed out by Rohit Sharma, the broadcasters would be expected not to agree to push the game to an earlier time as it might affect viewership. However, R Ashwin argued that given the World Cup, people would tune in to watch the match from 11:30 am onwards.

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In the latest video on his YouTube channel, R Ashwin said, “People will bring up television viewers and broadcasters, and say that people will not be able to see that time, but will they not be able to see the World Cup matches? ICC knows very well that there will be dew, so let’s move the game, and if we start at 11.30 am, then the dew factor will not come into play, and why not? Wouldn’t all cricket fans give priority to the World Cup and watch the matches at 11.30?”

India will take on New Zealand in the first match of the 3-match ODI series in Hyderabad on Wednesday, January 18 at 1:30 PM.

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