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Rohit Sharma: The King of Mumbai



In the current 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Rohit Sharma’s fandom has reached new heights. His explosive form, coupled with posts bearing his name trending on social media, has contributed to his rising popularity. Despite his sudden removal from the captaincy of the Mumbai Indians, support for him has only grown stronger, with fans chanting “Mumbai cha Raja Rohit Sharma.”

The Viral Video: A Revelation

A viral video surfaced showing a man who closely resembled Sam Karan chanting Rohit Sharma’s name amidst fans. The man donned the jersey of the Punjab Kings, yet led the chant “Mumbai cha Raja Rohit Sharma” enthusiastically, garnering support from fellow fans.

Fans Join In

This chant became a topic of discussion on April 18th at the Maharaja Yadavendra Singh International Cricket Stadium in Mullampur, Chandigarh. What’s surprising is that Sam Karan, leading the chant, was wearing the jersey of the Punjab Kings. Despite this, his resemblance to Rohit Sharma and his fervent cheer garnered abundant support from Rohit’s fans.

Contribution to Mumbai’s Success

Rohit Sharma’s contribution has been pivotal to Mumbai’s success this season. The right-handed batsman has amassed 297 runs in seven matches at an average of 49.50. However, what stands out the most is his striking rate. Rohit has maintained an exceptional strike rate of 164.08 this season, showcasing his aggressive batting style.


Rohit Sharma’s impact on the game goes beyond his performance on the field. His immense popularity among fans, evident from viral chants and social media trends, underscores his status as one of the most influential figures in Indian cricket. Despite challenges, Rohit continues to reign as the King of Mumbai, commanding unwavering support from his loyal fanbase.

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